What is temporary mail?

Fake mail (pronounced feyk meil) means fake mail. Sometimes you come across situations where you do not want to give your personal e-mail address. For example, you will be a member of a site that requires confidentiality and you do not want to give your personal information. When filling out the membership form, you can write the parts such as name, surname, address, telephone in an untrue way. What about your email address? Here, as in most sites, an e-mail containing an activation link or activation code is sent to the e-mail address you have written in order to confirm that your e-mail address is correct. For this reason, you cannot write your e-mail address at random, an e-mail address that you cannot read incoming e-mails. What you need is a site that provides you with a 10-minute fake email address quickly and easily without being a member, and where you can read the emails sent to this fake email address; Fake Mail.

Fake Mail service does not ask you to become a member, your personal information and your money. When you visit the Fake Mail site, it creates a fake email address for you. With this created e-mail address, you can become a member wherever you want and read incoming e-mails. When you're done, just exit the page. Then we do not give your email address to anyone. Incoming e-mails cannot be accessed.

You can become a member of facebook anonymously by creating a fake e-mail address. Similarly, he works on social sites such as twitter, instagram, pinterest.

Another usage area of ​​a fake e-mail address is to become a member with a fake e-mail address instead of your personal e-mail address, in cases where you do not want to be addressed by spam such as advertisements and promotions.

If you do not trust a site, do not give your personal e-mail address.

To register anonymously, use a fake e-mail address.