No spam with fake mail!

Communication by e-mail has never lost its importance since the early days of the internet. Services such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo and yandex that offer mail services make very serious investments to ensure that their users encounter the least spam mail (spam mail). The user can best decide how important an email is to the user, even if companies spend a lot of money on this.

An e-mail address is one of the indispensable conditions when signing up for a forum, shopping site or social platform. Although it is unlikely that popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will share your email information with third-party companies, some companies sell their members' information or use them for advertising purposes.

When we want to reach information, we search on google, google directs us to a relevant site, and we can easily access the information. However, sometimes accessing information can be difficult. As an example, if we give a situation that is frequently encountered; When we want to download a program or a document, we may encounter the condition of being a member. While signing up for a site that you do not know, do not trust, or that you may never visit later, we may be exposed to unsolicited e-mails, unending advertising and promotional e-mails by giving our e-mail address that we always use. Instead, you can get a temporary e-mail address that does not require membership, become a member of the sites, receive the activation e-mail and activate the membership.

Sites that provide temporary mail services such as temp mail can be used to get rid of spam mails. In addition to the sites that offer 10-minute temporary mail, 15-minute disposable mail or half-hour balloon mail service, tempmailgo provides a 1-hour temporary mail address.